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If your statement balance is not zero and if there is any debit or credit transactions during the statement cycle, we will issue you the statement after your last statement date.

If you have made a large amount purchase transaction during current statement period, but are unwilling to be charged an interest when payment cannot be made on time, you may call our customer service hotline before that transaction is billed to apply for the installment plan for this authorized but unbilled purchase transaction.

If you missed the opportunity to apply for the purchase transaction installment as the purchase transaction has been billed, or if you are unable to pay the full balance amount on time and wish to minimize interest charged, you may also call our customer service hotline before your statement due date to apply for an installment plan based on certain percentage of your purchase balance on the latest statement.

We may need you to provide us with the most current details of your income for credit assessment.

Each month you must repay at least 4% of the amount you owe us, or $20, whichever is greater.

The due date shown on your statement is calculated by your statement date plus a fixed number of days and you are required to make at least the stated minimum monthly payment by the due date.