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Frisbee Swat - What you'll need for this active game are two (or more) Frisbees, two chairs, two cones (or liter bottles), two teams, and a rolled up newspaper for each player.At each end of the playing area, place a chair with a cone on its seat.Throw into the fray several Frisbees, Nerf balls, playground balls, or a combination of themand it's every pair for itself.

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(This usually requires that the head be tilted back and the tongue pointed upward.) After running around the obstacle, he must go to a designated area where a judge is waiting.

Then each runner must eat his donut (to the satisfaction of the judge) and receives another donut from the judge (in his hand).

Players should arrange their chairs in the playing area like positions on a real soccer field, with the two goalies sitting at opposite ends.

Two opposing players face off with one balloon to begin the game.

When her partner is hit as well, that pair is out of the game altogetherthat is, until the pair that finally eliminated them is itself eliminated. Just when you think the game is winding down, a lethal pair that eliminated several other pairs is itself eliminatedand competition picks up quickly as those renewed pairs can play again. The youth spent several weeks making their pinewood derby cars.


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