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If you want each of the boxes to have a border, select the “Page Borders” button (in the “Page Layout” tab). I, of course, wanted a cute font so I chose to use the font “Papyrus”. I found a cute picture of some lips in the clip art section.

If you plan to use coupons to save money while dining at Genghis Grill, you must first become familiar with the different types of coupons that they offer.

Genghis Grill Coupons 2 for 20 – This coupon allows you to only spend $20 for two bowls of Genghis Grill stir fry.

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If you prefer to download the software or get a CD to install it on your computer, you still get $20 off.

This little book will tell your spouse just how much you love him/her, as well as keeping things fun and different.