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I never thought I'd get this point, and I certainly wasn't going to try, but surprisingly, I see it happening the more I understand this whole thing. I have nearly three years in Recovery and if you want the scoop of what to look for, I can describe myself quite clearly when I was using. If the person you are asking this question about has a history, exactly what do you expect to accomplish by knowing what to look for? Honestly though, is it going to help you at all knowing the truth? " (Pour on the tears here) Someone could actually see me swallowing hand fulls of pills and I could stand there and say that they must be seeing things, I didn't take a bunch of pills! I'd try to make the other person think they were nuts.

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Dating someon in recovery

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when he was not "nodding" he was very hyper, talked alot, usually about really really stupid stuff.

If he was on the computer or watching tv he looked like a zombie staring at the screen with his mouth open. His pupils were tiny but that depended on how long ago he took it, (the heroin) on perks his pupils were always tiny.

I honestly followed the steps and I've been getting over him now.


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