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The CGs are also nicely illustrated, but I was slightly disappointed that this game doesn't include the option of leaving the semen on the girl for later scenes like in some of the circle's other games.

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You can change facial expressions, hairstyles, clothing and colours for all of the above.

This set is so versatile that it has to be recommended :3 You could create the cast for a game with just these sprites alone.

I tried the demo and immediately knew id like this title, the animation was smooth, fluid, and all of the rendering was done beautifully. Besides that one concern, i am most definitely Looking forward to more from this circle. I've never seen a game use graphics like this, and they are surprisingly erotic. Even though I don't understand Japanese, the sound and tone of the voice acting is very effective. This is a follow-up to my review of the original title.

If being attacked by a succubus is a turn-on, this game will push you right over the edge. It takes "horror" in one hand, "sex" in the other hand, and slams your head in the middle. I definitely recommend getting these "extra" scenes if you enjoyed the original CD, if you love Yotsuya Cider like I do, or if you want to try out the CV/story at a much lower price before splurging on the main CD.

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