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Experience Uganda with me: cultural (mis)interpretations, expat travel advice, travel and tourism, wildlife and birds, Safari field trips, conservation, East African culture, volunteering and the occasional cross-border bus journey.

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THis perpetuates the cast system to the finacail and social benefit of lighter skinned peoples, who conveniently dissociate themselves from their darker skinned ancestors to proclaim themselves ANYTHING but black.

Furthermore, there is no cultural status to being in a relationship with a black woman for a balck man in Western (Babylonian) culture.

In Uganda, Rastas or ‘Rasta lookalikes’ symbolise non-conformism. – we come from societies where self-expression through your personal image is quite normal, encouraged even. Rasta refers (incorrectly) to “any person having dreadlocks.” “True Rastafarians believe that Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie a.k.a. Rastafarianism is a common religion amongst black Jamaicans and deeply rooted in African culture.

Rastas eat a diet of vegetables, fruit and fish and keep their bodies, mind and soul healthy by staying active in global issues.

He said “I have the answer and I know I’m right.” “These Rasta guys have a lot of time on their hands. He’s got plenty of time to show her the sights and show her around.


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