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These two carbon steel frying pans are 30cm and 26cm in diameter, with the larger divided into three sections and the smaller split into two. There’s a see-through lid so you can watch them cook simultaneously.

The smaller size means it is perfect for a singleton.

The pan is seriously huge, so most hobs would struggle to accommodate it on one burner, but I imagine you could use several burners for a similar effect.

I have a large wok burner though and the pan heats up impressively fast. I make the mistake of putting all my breakfast items in at the same time, and my beans are done almost immediately, leaving me hanging around waiting for my sausage to cook at the end.

In 2016, however, something far more wholesome is sending the web into a frenzy. The furore was begun by Olympic diver Tom Daley, who posted a photograph of himself online using the gadget to cook a proper English breakfast on Sunday morning.