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So it's very important that there's mutual attraction and similarities and at the same time acceptance of the other partner. A long distance relation is very difficult and often (not always) a dead end. About 5 years ago I went to Cuba for the first time so I can't remember all our conversation like I wish I could but anyway...So it's important you take your time to learn your partner and to build trust. Well try to expose your partner (and yourself) to different, sometimes a bit extreme situations. I learnt a lot about the reactions of my Cuban wife when we argue (not all the time). A few questions, if he has no financial problems like most Cubans do, he probably can maintain you in Cuba. Note that many Cubans are homesick after a few years in a foreign country, don't underestimate the "Culture shock". Do you expect that a Cuban partner will live like a Monk in a distant relationship? I don't want to be negative, but you should give your relation more time to evolve, but also take a look at the financial picture, many relations in Cuba are destroyed by financial problems. I didn't know anything about Cuba and had no idea about the men. and I know there are bad men everywhere, NOT JUST CUBA.He didn't ask about marriage and he didn't ask about coming to Canada or anything.

Every time I saw him my heart would literally beat out of my chest. We were able to communicate some how even though we didn't speak each others language. When I tried to give him things I brought such as soap and toothbrushes & penchils he said he didn't want it.

He told me there was something special about me and I felt everything he said (you know when you can feel someone and when you kiss you literally feel high..that's how it was) AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET DRUNK ALL WEEK.. He didn't kiss me until about a few days in but when he did.... I still gave it to him and he said he wouldn't use it but he will keep it until I come back so I can see that it was NOT about material things.was so sweet. He took the time to introduce himself to the people I was with (my friends parents) and told them he thought I was beautiful. He told me that he doesn't necessarily want to come to Canada and that he would prefer to stay in Cuba with his family, he LOVES his culture.

your second mistake was getting engaged to a Cuban man .

He is gone, I'm sure after soaking you for everything he could, and now is probably married to his Cuban love.

Even then, I feel the relationship have with this Cubano is very real.


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    Also, it is superb as a place to watch the annual illuminated boat parade, every December just before Christmas. This almost led to war between the US & UK and was a basis for the defence of the slaves from the Amistad. It is nice for a picnic, with seating in a waterside garden setting. There is access for the healthy and those in wheelchairs, via an incline.