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    Prisbelönt succémusikal Tretton nomineringar gav sex Tonys när Cyndi Laupers och Harvey Fiersteins Kinky Boots gick upp på Broadway i april 2013.

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    این تکنولوژی توسعه یافت به عنوان جایگزینی است برای اولین نسل شبکه‌های سلولی آنالوگ.

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    RE4: Otome Edition seems to be poking fun not only how shallow the visual novel genre can be (), but how Ashley is perceived through the game as a helpless, empty character, or as the developers put it “..objective; at worst, a liability.” The result is a long-winded joke, but one that's clearly been put together with a deep understanding of the game.

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    We hadn't kissed yet, but I had a feeling it was going to happen soon.""A bunch of my friends, including my crush, were going to the movies.