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To cover these unique cyber risks through insurance requires the purchase of a special cyber liability policy.

However, cyber risk remains difficult for insurance underwriters to quantify due in large part to a lack of actuarial data.

Because you are not my direct report, I see no need for you and I to discuss this matter any further, and because of the awkward position this puts me in as both an executive with the company and your neighbor, let’s be safe and include HR in all future professional correspondence between us for the time being.

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Cyber risks include: Cyber Liability Policies Most businesses are familiar with their commercial insurance policies providing general liability coverage to protect the business from injury or property damage.

However, most standard commercial lines policies do not cover many of the cyber risks mentioned above.

However, managing cyber risks through insurance is relatively new.

Although the market for cyber liability insurance is off to a good start, it is expected to grow dramatically over time as businesses gradually become more aware that current policies do not adequately cover cyber risks.

With each announcement of a system failure leading to a significant business loss, the awareness grows.