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For that reason, my mother and father announced that our family would not be doing sleepovers. To a tween amidst a competitive popularity contest, the world had officially ended.

Suddenly, my parents were Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Parents.

The victims were friends of his daughter who were sleeping over at his house.

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As detailed in the book Pretty Little Killers, this gruesome event was preceded by a sleepover in one of the girl’s homes.

After the mother fell asleep, the girls pulled out a bottle of vodka and started drinking.

The party was definitely cool, by middle-school standards. Brandy’s mom left and with a wink, told us all to “behave.” By , everyone was playing spin the bottle, and Brandy had brought out her mom’s liquor bottles.

At this point I felt so uncomfortable that everything inside of me screamed, Never was I so relieved to see my parents’ headlights pull up to the drive.

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