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The object of this study is not to treat the man as a whole, but to endeavour to place him in the general scheme of psychic unfolding treated in this work, from which his own Church in its narrowness would withhold him.

Swedenborg was a contradiction in some ways to our psychic generalizations, for it has been the habit to say that great intellect stands in the way of personal psychic experience.

Finally, he was a profound Biblical student who had sucked in theology with his mother's milk, and lived in the stern Evangelical atmosphere of a Lutheran pastor during the most impressionable years of his life.

To illustrate this one has to consider the two categories into which his work may be divided. This seems to most people outside the chosen flock a useless and perilous side of his work.

On the one hand he accepts the Bible as being in a very particular sense the work of God.

It is true that my time was in any case dedicated to it, but the literature is vast, and there were many aspects of the movement which claimed my attention.

Under these circumstances I claimed and obtained the loyal assistance of Mr. Leslie Curnow, whose knowledge of the subject and whose industry have proved to be invaluable.

Swedenborg's infallibility would be universal and un restricted.